Cam and Dursley Astronomy Club

Wednesday 13th March 2013. Stinchcombe Hill, Dursley.

Members arrived from 6.30pm in the hope of clear skies to view the Comet on what proved to be a very rewarding and exciting evening.

Comet PanSTARRS had passed behind the Sun a few days earlier and this was the first chance for us to have a good look at it in the Northern Hemisphere.

Some had binoculars to view, Martin Sinton and Ian Matterson had their DSLR cameras set up in the hope of a rare photo. Martin had his running through backyard EOS software and was able to view his photos live on a laptop. Ian had his camera on a tracking mount keeping up with the Comet as it moved towards the horizon.

A thin crescent moon was close by bathed in an excellent Earthshine. Making it a worthwhile photo target.

A few minutes were spent searching for the Comet and it was Martin who first found located it, halfway between the Moon and the horizon giving 30 or so minutes to view and photograph.

Ian Smiths 80mm APO refractor telescope gave excellent, crisp, close up views for all to see.

The Comet was tracked for 30 or so minutes and here are some of the photos taken.

All in all an excellent evenings viewing.

Martin Sinton.

Ian Matterson.