Cam and Dursley Astronomy Club

Summer 2014 a guest speaker, Duncan Willoughby from Cotswold Astronomical Society, gave an excellent talk on Space travel past and present. Supported by photographs Duncan spoke for nearly 90 minutes on space travel from the early pioneers, Gagarin and Glenn, through Skylab and the International SpaceStation, and the possibilities for space travel in the future.

A further meeting was held at the same venue, Dursley Conservative Club later in the summer of 2014, where members talked about and displayed images of visits to the Arctic Circle to see the Aurora Borealis.

On Thursday 4th June 2015 Dr Colin Forsyth of Mullard Space laboratory gave an enlightening talk entitled 'The Greatest Lightshow on Earth'. This talk explained the Sun's interaction with the Earth/Space environment and its potential impact on modern technology. He went on to explain about the so called 'Carrington Event' in the 19th century and that should a similar event occur today the potential for widespread disruption on a country wide or greater scale. The mechanism whereby solar activity interacts with the Earth was explained in great detail with emphasis on the complex nature of the interaction leading to the auroral displays we witness around the Arctic and Antarctic circles and occasionally further South.

August 12th 2015 we had a Perseid observing session at Stinchcombe. The weather was almost perfect for this event. We had a great turnout by members and public alike as a result of an interview with the group that went out on Radio Gloucestershire on the morning of the event. About 50 meteors were observed over several hours, ironically the best one was one of the first to be observed which was an estimated magnitude -4 leaving a persistent trail lasting several seconds.

On Friday 18th March 2016 Ian Smith and Martin Sinton gave a short presentation to the Cam cub group during their camp weekend in Dursley. Plan was to observe the night sky but once again the weather was the winner.

On the 9th May we met up on Stinchcombe hill to observe the transit of Mercury, but yet again the weather was the winner.

On Thursday 21st July 2016 at 19:30 at the Community Hall, Rednock Drive, Dursley we had a very informative talk presented by Mr Callum Potter (FRAS) on Deep Sky Observing. Callum is a prominent figure in astronomy circles and is the Deep Sky Director of the British Astronomical Association and also contributes monthly to the popular Astronomy Now magazine.