Cam and Dursley Astronomy Club

Our aim is to provide a platform for people to be able to meet, get advice and view for the night sky for themselves.

We are able to do this in a number of ways.

Group meetings, where anyone can ask questions about the night sky, how to set up and use their own telescope as well as any other Astronomical aspects such as Astrophotography, or use of associated software on the computer. We can even update the software on most Skywatcher mounts from version 3 handsets onwards.

Bring your telescope to us and we will help you learn how to set it up on a one to one basis (Setting up can be very confusing, we've all been there).

If you don't own a telescope don't underestimate the reach of a pair of reasonable quality binoculars (preferably at least 7 or 10X50 or bigger, don't get to hung up on the first figure, 10 magnification is adequate for hand held binoculars, the later figure is the diameter of the objective lenses) for bringing the night sky into your grasp.

Members occasionally give presentations to other organisations such as Dursley Wings and Wheels Society, Rotary Club, Cub or Scout groups and even local schools about various aspects of the night sky, and even sometimes daytime Solar viewing sessions through specialist Hydrogen Alpha (Ha) telescopes. 2 such events have been presented in 2015 and one in 2016 so far.

If you want to find something out just ask.

We presently have as members GCSE students, through to people taking up Astronomy as a retirement hobby, so do not fear you will be made very welcome whatever your capability or experience.