Cam and Dursley Astronomy Club

Here are some suggestions for sites to visit with an Astronomy theme:- Here you can download a free virtual planetarium for your PC or Mac. You can even download 3rd party enhancements called plugins, these will enable you to see satellite passes, load more stars etc. Type stellarium plugins into your browser to access these. Printout Starmaps to take outside,  plus lots of other information on current astronomical events Up to date International Space Station (ISS) pass timings etc. from your location, just enter your nearest town or village then save it for next time. Keep up to date with the latest weather in space. Lots of useful advice and tutorials. Lots of advice and reviews of equipment. Lots of advice and reviews of equipment, UK equivalent of cloudynights. Try your hand at some simple DSLR astrophotography using this free stacking software. There are YouTube tutorials available to guide you through it. When you've stacked your image you can do a bit of post processing using this free software. One of our members personal website, specialising on galaxies. Some are visible in humble 50mm binoculars, so don't think you need a massive aperture to glimpse these distant Milky Way relations.