Cam and Dursley Astronomy Club

Our 4th Stargazing Live Event took place at the Berry Blue Cafe, Cam and the Council offices on the 10th January 2014.

Over 70 people came into the excellent Cam Parish Council meeting rooms and had the chance to look around and ask members about their Telescopes and Imaging set ups. They  were also treated to talks on The Moon, Internet resources for Astronomy and information on the Club by members.

Jo Durrant from BBC radio Gloucestershire interviewed Ian and Martin about the event and it proved to be a very rewarding evening for all concerned.

Cloudy skies made it impossible to do any viewing so it was decided to return 24 hours later to be treated to crisp, clear views of The Moon, Jupiter and its Moons and the Great Nebula ( M42 ) in the constellation Orion.

Plenty of photos on our Flickr page.